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The Risk of Deploying Everyday Dental Marketing Tactics

September 8, 2017

You’re trying to get some traction on that to-do item that’s been hovering at a low-priority spot for ages – market your business and build up your book of patients – and it has to happen within your existing schedule. Social and digital media marketing is an obvious choice, but it can be a major time-waster.

Photo by Kate SERBIN


There are two options that we all know: (1) start doing it yourself or (2) hire someone to do it for you. Either way there’s a major risk in following the well trodden path in social media. Within the range of tactics there are a few activities that will drive new patients but many that will drain your marketing budget (or worse, your personal time) and give you little to show for it.


Let’s take a step back. We’re trying to build your business, but you’re already too busy with work to focus on your promotions. So what are we trying to accomplish? Likely, you and your office partners or team are spending a lot of your time on classic services like cleanings and routine procedures. What you want to be doing are more high-value operations like cosmetic procedures.


A lot of social media work is general brand awareness building. This is of course important, but if you are just starting out in this area then starting an Instagram account by posting before and afters isn’t going to drive many leads. We recommend creating laser-focused campaigns using a small amount of advertising dollars to drive targeted leads through to your website. These customers arrive at a custom landing page that directly relates to the ads they clicked on, with the content focusing their attention on a single call-to-action: “Book an Appointment”.


Tailor these mini-campaigns each week and add new ones for additional services. Don’t forget to show everything to your reception and office management team so they know what to expect! Once you have built a system that is sending leads, you can spend some more time building a public persona on that Instagram account and spread general awareness of your name and brand.


Collab Creative Inc. is a Vancouver based digital communications agency, and what we're all about is applying the creativity and collaboration of lifestyle brand marketing to more traditional industries like dentistry. We have some seriously collaborative ideas to help your office; call us to start the conversation!

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